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After having mastered the art of beds we aim to produce the highest quality beds in the industry.

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Meet Our Awesome Director

After learning from the master himself Mr Syd's Grand Father the founder of RRSS Beds in 1970.

Mr Syd

Hello and a warm welcome from the RSS team. My name is Syd, the director of this long-established company, which saw its birth in 1968 known as ‘RSS Beds’. A dedicated effort and struggle by both my grandmother and grandfather, who worked day and night to help themselves and others. Determination was the key to their success and in under a decade the company flourished and set its mark around the entire UK with its foundations originating from West Yorkshire.

I worked there in my school holidays and picked up my experience at an early age. However, when I grew older RSS had a short demise period and millions of pounds worth of assets were lost due to the company being passed over to the second generation who ran it with a great deal of negligence.

Nevertheless, being the 3rd generation it held a sentimental view of this and vowed to re-establish this great heritage once again. And here I am, 50 years on with a thriving company once again, the only difference being the name. I have re-named it to ‘RSS Furnishings’ as we don’t just do beds anymore, instead we are the 1-stop shop for all your household needs. RSS do a variety of items with more and more categories added continually.

The aim is to help ourselves and others as my grandparents did ‘money from the people. For the people’

My grandfather’s date of birth was on the 8th July and so is mine. He was a true entrepreneur and the driving force behind him was his wife.


RSS is launching its retail website on my birthday 8th July to celebrate and in return I aim to bring you the best deals, offering value for money and service with a smile.

In the time I have ran this company, there has never been an unhappy customer. but the only thing that upsets me is how polluted the beds and headboard markets have become. The majority of bed companies in West Yorkshire have derived their expertise from RSS, the proof of that is that none has been established since 1968.

Therefore, our mission and aim are to beat any price there is in the lower ranges of furniture and if our customers find a cheaper quote we always beat it, otherwise its half price. But on the other hand, we also have beds and headboards that are more expensive, as they are nichè and only made to order.

Testifying that RSS is not just any old manufacturer but concentrates and caters for all audiences, regardless of your budget.

Hope you have a great experience shopping with us and please do like us on social media sites and share to spread the word.

This is a unique brand and soon will become a household name. if you haven’t heard of it already.

Thanks, and God bless

Our Skills

Having achieved a lot of experience in creating and designing over the years we have picked up multiple skills. But the main skills we believe are Quality control and designing.

Designing 100%
Quality Control 100%